Centenary Overview

An overview, including photos, of the various celebrations held to mark William A. Weber’s centenary is now online in the Biography section.

Bill Weber celebrates his 100th birthday with close family and friends at the CU Natural History Museum. (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)

Acharius Award and ABLS Lifetime Achievement Awards

As announced in Puerto Rico at their 2018 annual meeting (IMC11), the International Association of Lichenologists awarded William A. Weber their Acharius Award for his outstanding career-spanning contributions to lichenology. The Award was presented to him at the annual meeting of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society (ABLS) at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station in Nederland, Colorado in August 2018.

At the same occasion the ABLS awarded him the two first-ever awards from the society: American Bryological and Lichenological Society Elizabeth Britton Award for Lifetime Achievement in Bryology and the Chicita Culberson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Lichenology. The ABLS established these awards in 2017 to recognize lifelong scholarly achievements and contributions to bryology, lichenology and/or service to ABLS. They are named for two past Presidents of the society.

Acta Botanica Weberi – First Issue Published!

The first issue of Acta Botanica Weberi – a new journal devoted to Dr. Weber’s works – has been published and available as a free download here.

Acta Botanica Weberi is published by members of the Weber family. It was specifically founded to publish hitherto unpublished papers by William A. Weber. At the age of 99, Dr. Weber cannot wait on the peer review process to see his latest writings published if they are not to become posthumous works. Instead he and we feel that publication in this form to be the most appropriate at his age. The resulting dissemination of these works among his botanical colleagues, known and unknown, and the uses, references and discussions thus arising will be enough of a peer review and contribute to the continuing endeavors to research scientific questions.